Me and My Muse

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Never to Stay

What was never a thought will be one;
The chaotic dis-pleasure of some
To be lighted, and not enlighted, by the sun.
It is more often than not, done.

For every other jerk thithers,
Of rulers and writers, creators and fighters.
Vows to the self and to the soul,
Behold! Rise up, to get sold, to get cold.

Jumbled, garbled are those who are free.
Born to be told, but still stand the tree.
In hate is the sleep of ignorance.
In grace stands the power of embrace.

Stolen was thoughts from kindest chest;
They grow in dreams of the unknown (in) behest.
Fows in disguise and in trust;
Scene of senses; cries on the crust.

Never care, never share, as they say.
Never flee or refrain to pay.
Never run, you could hide.
Between the rush, but never to stay.




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