Me and My Muse

Friday, October 06, 2006

Salting My Burns

The date is 20 05/2005.
Another palindromic number you had.
I saw; You Ignored AGAIN. The day was cursed for me.
Though not for you.


Turning faces I see, all around me;

The loneliness of self penance..
For reason of secret punishments,
Bleak interests of the dumb mind..
Keep running at another sunset.

Sudden brown sparks, shakes the soul,
A humble try to separate from the shell;
Tries are cries, soon drops as tears,
On the burns of yesterday.
Touch of salty healing to the dead skins.

The cries are too far to be heard.
For any new false hopes.
Cut throat wishes are still screaming..
In the dingy neighborhood of death.

This was written long back (The date you can see above...)



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