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Monday, September 04, 2006

Roktim Indriyo

This one was written last night after a terrible waking up at 2AM. I am ["am" its "am"] terribly tired and can't sleep, but some dreams keep coming back.

Written in bengali. I never plan to complete and refine this... But may be .. I dont know.

This one is called ...

"Roktim Indriyo"

Tomay bhule jaabo bhablei, mone pore jao;

Chinte parbo na tomay, jodi sopne dekha pao.

[...some lines omitted]

Kichhu kagojer modhhe ostittyo lukiye rekhe;
Nokol sokaler nokol chabuk khuje berao.

[...some lines omitted]

Shudhu bhule; bhule jachhi tomar sob obhinoy;
Shudhu abar tomake dekhte pawar ichhe-gulo,
nishtobdhe more jay ..

[...some lines omitted]

Tomar jonne nosto kora chinta gulo,
Hisheb chay majh rattire...
Mone hoy pathiye di-i tader tomar ghorey...
Tomar mukto krorey.


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