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Sunday, February 10, 2008

An evening with Bharat Bhushan

Imagine spending an evening with a man who is the verbal equivalent of Mr.Bean. That is essentially the one-liner of the film Bheja Fry. A film of this caliber does not showoff amazing camerawork or any other revolutionary technical aspects. The script written by director Sagar Ballary (the story is supposed to be adapted from a French film, which I have never seen nor heard of), is well crafted but tends to get a bit repetitive, leaving no surprises (or shocks) for the audience to experience.

In the film, Vinay Pathak plays Bharat Bhushan, an Income Tax Officer with a passion for Hindi films and a penchant for blurting out the wrong thing at the wrong time. The hilarious events of a single night - when Music Producer Ranjit Thadani — Rajat Kapoor finds that an encounter with Bharat Bhooshan screws his life out of shape. A cameo by Ranvir Shourey, as Bharat Bhushan’s IT colleague Asif, is brilliant.

If you are a technophile then this may not be the best film for you. Over 95% of the film is in a single location. Thankfully, neither the camera movements nor the lighting distracted attention from the incredibly funny dialogue script.

To me the two aspects in which Bheja Fry excels with flying colors are its wittily penned dialogues and its main protagonist, Bharat Bhushan.




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