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Monday, September 04, 2006

Here comes the day... [Thanks Shohini]


Here comes something I wrote for a v'day post at some community discussion. Long time ago.

I completely forgot about it.

A friend of mine [Shohini Sengupta] found it and send me back the link. Somehow she found it good .. (may be she was just pulling my leg;) but anywayz) ..

thanks Shohini ...

So it goes like this ...

Here comes the day which is not mine,
As i dont have any valentine.

Things happened in the past which are not fine.
Rainy days for me even when the sun shine.

No girl to propose,
No aroma of rose,
No special person to give gift.
No miss is there to miss
No experience of kiss.
No dinner in the moon light.
No chance to have the day bright.

Even though i dont fall in love
I will always bow to love.

Wishing great time to ppl who are in love.

Really silly thing to write .... i feel terrible reading it anywayz ..
Enjoy your laugh :))

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