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Friday, April 27, 2007

A gaze at a dark moving world

Starlit darkness shone pencil rays shining on the willow calling downwardly to plain grassy surface of the earth. A distant pine brushed mercilessly by lost winds finding its way home before its too bright for them. The wind flicks every wayward tall grass with a little more delicate humor. More like the caress of a young and slow lover spraying mild fragrances of enigmatic aura. They also unknowingly amplifies the breath of dead, yellow straw heaped up in scattered sense of the labors during the day, who had, or hardly cared, for showcasing their aesthetic sense to unknown rail-road travelers at night.

Putrid smell of carcass lay by the rail line as the breeze change its direction may be just to nurture the sense of obnoxia. The void of the night, of pure creative dark, was just the right time for me to wake up. Wake up from the humble somnia of ignorance, which until now seemed like a blissful dream. But probably my physical slumber seemed to dictate nothing but a narrow nap.

Is this a night to remember? A night to so treasure? No, it is but a night to forget with every ion bursting the brain to focus not! Is this a field in which dreams were lost and space ships were meant to be caught with the sky bleeding a trail to weightlessness? I don’t know, I hope not.

It is in the darkness where I speak soft words that ache the soul and hemorrhage the memories of the past that are like an hot iron burning the heart's defense. So may it be the tall grass of the trees the wind was blowing them and the rustling noise of the high speed iron rail compartments moving was just not enough to break any of the silence.


footnote: The journey relates to one from Nagpur to Kolkata during summer 2006, post the completion of my 4 years in Nagpur



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