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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Full moon

As the now full moon rose from behind the now dark mountains the nymphs of the night started to emerge for their shelters slowly creeping looking for a dark place to folic and sing their night time rhymes full of pain an sorrow yet so beautifully sung. Yet these nymphs are the lesser of the night time creatures that prepare the night for the true sovereigns of the night to rule with the full moon overhead and havoc in their hearts. Their only comfort is the sweet blood of the frightened scurrying humans that rush all over the world yet show no appreciation for the world in which they live . So it is only right that their death serves a higher purpose which is to feed and entertain the true rulers of the world. For they appreciate the world and all it contains and sustains. Formed from the depths of the earth ,we were born from the darkness where we reign supreme.

For all those who hide in their houses from the coming night for those who quiver in fear, for those who try to remove their fears with this new artificial light . Be warned for it is you who we come for and not these who embrace the darkness and bask in it glory for they truly understand and appreciate the beauty the darkness contains.

For those who worship the encroaching darkness and the calming moon light you shall inherit the earth for it is yours . As it only waits for you to take it and turn it in to the true Eden. Filled with darkness within the forest with tall trees and soft grass . For the very nymphs that sing the nights praises for those who can see the beauty within the darkness will truly understand the world. For we the vampires are kind masters who only feed to maintain our never ending youth so that we may remain beautiful and pale like the moon in the many nights to come for we restore the balance in the earth riding it of all the harmful influences the humans create. As all should know not to mess with mother nature for she is a cruel parent that expects the best of her children and will wreak havoc unlike any woman scorned. The eternal destruction is near and we are ready to serve the mother’s purpose for the good of the earth. Now that he moon is high in the velvety dark sky the games shall begin for what is a hunt without a chase. For we seduce out victims with our dark eyes and our pale skin , youthful bodies and quick minds. We lead you in to the dark alleys so that we may quench the thirst, lust for blood that is never quenched no matter how much we drink. The insatiable thirst is always there…




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