Me and My Muse

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Do You Remember ?

You were the girl in the park that night
So scared, and beautiful, by the street light
Intrigued and allured by your radiant sight
I recall that fateful night

Do you remember staring me
As I walked from the shadows of a moonlit tree
Slowly, cautious, and deliberately
Not speaking a word, so silently

Remember how you ran from me
You tripped on a step then fell against a tree
Scratching and clawing, just to break free
Your eyes screamed out a silent plea

Remember how I held out my hand
I pulled you up, then helped you stand
Do you recall me being that man
To calm you down, and do what I can

Remember that night, and what happened last
Is it buried too deep, in your dark distant past
I do, and I’ve come back for you




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