Me and My Muse

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


And her eyes spell appearance
From her beautifully artless mascara.
Her smile interwine;
Spoofing, bewildering;
Grunts and pains within.

The bowl of sweet delicacy
Sits forgotten, untouched on the wooden table
As she stands far from the ocean blues;
Occasional shrillness,
Trembles her; just trembles.

Seaweeds strangles oceans ankles;
And cuts deep into the nerves.
As bloody sand smirks,
Shelling sattire at the dement
More and more.

He sits on the shore.
Salty crimson wavelets licking his dryness.
And cries at the harsh wrath of winds
Over her unconsious body.
Which pulls her to ignorace,
To selfdom, singleton and dependence




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