Me and My Muse

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Wall

There always will remain a wall between them
A wall of sense, of mature diplomatic trust
Wall as they say, would un-permeate knowing
Better not know things more than wind in blowing
Where lies departure betwixt visible and unseen
Does both sides look same and similarly virtuous
If its so, then its just another wall
That hides two person from seeing each other
And thus protect knowing from the fall

But human mind is a terrific thing
It creates a shape of the unseen in mind
With things it knows, it idealizes the form
And keeps it in its own way of its kind
But let never that day come in life
When storm of sense blows the hindered sight
'Coz then all hidden comes to seeing
And the untold truths jumps to being

How easy it would have been, not cold
If there just would haven't been things to be told
To understand everything in the simplest form
Then there would have been no disgrace after the fold
Or better still there would never have been a wall
Then it would never fall as shape as tall
But still they think they need a wall
A wall they would need to un-permeate knowing




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