Me and My Muse

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Crazy Mind

On a Saturday morning,
I won’t get off my bed
Push my sleep to snoring
Or act as if I am dead.

Or look at the revolving fan
Feel the touch of cold
Just seem like a mad man
As long as I can hold

Or with any finger I chose
Wriggle in the gold mine
The mine I call nose
The digger shaped as nine

Or twist my toes and feet
Try to look at my nose tip
Pull my lips to greet
As my eyes try to peep

With a fresh neat mind
I will try to chill
Look a little behind
Just at my own will

This is what I'd do
With too much time to spare
Call myself "Who?"
And just quit to care.


[a rather funny one :))]



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