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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Strange Dream

Endless drumming continued as I fell thousands of feet below the ground. My sense would have told I was dreaming. But possibility would suggest death.

The thrust of the beats pumped deeper and deeper in my ear. I could still abide by it. I could sense the blow of the wings of the giant hummingbird (the Egyptian magician called Toth), the bird-headed and the curved-beaked sorcerer.

Toth grabbed me by the wrist and guided me through many doors of the underworld. He always stood to assure that I answer aright to the beasts who held the pathways; the entry to an unknown realm where I was forced. For some nameless rationality I was not numb. Perhaps the Sorcerer had engrafted such instincts.

I named the beasts as if I already knew them; with capers and science and could avert them. “You are culled-face-tongue” I say to a beast, “You love running” to another and they gave up. Every door opened differently with a fictive password or trick as I follow the underworld, the hummingbird through the black dark alley.

The last gate opened in the “Courtyard of Twin Verity”. I always knew that I would be here someday and stand before “the twin Maats”. As daughters of their Ostrich father they represented the truth, the dharma. Their very gaze would suck out accuracy from a prevaricator. I could still hear the drumbeats.

My shoulders ached in carrying the ancient Egyptian robe I was wearing. I realized that Ajoop sang with her sistrum behind me. Her loyalty carried in my dreams and probably would trace my steps deep in my death too.

A falcon headed god appeared and pulled me through the corridor to a narrow elbow room semi occupied by the gallows. The sisters followed. Ajoop continued her endless cascades of notes along with the distanced drum beats. The forty two animals were attending the assembledge. As Ajoop continued her tongue-less strains I began to absolve myself.

“I have not hurt anything in-essentially...

I lived life only for hunger and home...
I loved only to find sanctity...
I was never unkind or prodigal...
I did not foul air and water...
I put fallen birds to their nests...
I stoned moaning animals to death, so that they won’t suffer anymore”.

The brutes’ dumb gaze made my throat bone dry. Had to quiten.

Horus artfully pushed me deeper in the zone to the Billiorden where Helic stood with the measuring stone with the lion headed fox sit on the throne.

I pierced out my heart and put on the palm of Anubis, the foxen. With my heart he attached an ostrich feather and checked the stone. Helic, the monster, wanted to feed my heart. But Anubis agreed to my innocency and asaayed my confluence with Osiris, the king, the God.

The green faced Osiris wore a white Capitulum. His crooked and frail hands showed beneath that kingly attire. As I looked towards the lord, his wife Isis smiled like Mona Lisa. The dark brilliance of the underworld spurts from her perfect structure. Osiris remains a mummy though he could move at his own will.

The god advances with his extended green hands and whispers in my ear “You now became me”. Ajoop’s sistrum stops suddenly. He says “Blessed is your wife, so I take her, as Osiris looks after you”. He grabs Ajoops hands and aviated up from the underworld. Gleaming rays moistened the dark splendor. Isis disappeared in the rays.

I tried to hold on to one of the light and rise up. The drumming seemed louder now. Ajoop was now playing her sistrum no more. She slipped it to Osiris and wheezed her mockery. It hurt my ears, my senses. I slipped the ray as Osiris hit me with the sistrum and was again descending.

For some unwanted reason my dream broke as I hit the floor of the underground.

A child’s fantasy a crazy mind. No more drumming. No more falling.




Anonymous Kshitij said...

Gud 1 buddy... U really r a amazing writer... :-)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 2:24:00 PM  
Blogger bharati said...

What a story-teller you are man!! Amazing!!

As I already said, You make my day :-D

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 6:18:00 PM  
Blogger Topesh said...

excellent!! arnab ur way of expression through words is unmatched!!

why dont u write a book? its not a joke i'm dame serious this time.
i would suggest u one thing. i have requested the same to the chetan bhagat. he wrote two books on IITins or enggs & 'bout the life of people working in BPOs.

what i suggest u is r u going to write something 'bout hoteliers? i'm gonna help u with ideas. but u have to put the main theme and expression through ur amazing quality of words!!!!!!!!!!

let me know 'bout it...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 11:09:00 PM  
Blogger Arnab Pal said...

thanks kshitij...
thanks bharti...
thanks topesh...

your comments are a huge motivation for me ...

@topesh .. brother i think you have read teh second book too much ..

Thursday, October 19, 2006 8:39:00 AM  
Blogger Topesh said...

oh yes, u r right ihave read it 5 times in just 1 months time!!

so, wats wrong in it? i was just requesting u as i hardly find a book on hoteliers written by an Indian author.
what i feel is there also should be a book written on their life. now logically speaking if i go to Mr Chetan Bhagat whith this sugg he's goonna throw me out. as i'm unknown to him.
so, as ur my friend i was just requesting u. Now its upto u.

Thursday, October 19, 2006 10:39:00 AM  

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