Me and My Muse

Sunday, August 12, 2007

In My Rain

Have you stood in my rain
Showering in the cold of pain
Dripping from the darkness of night
If you have, my friend,
You have stood the deathly feelings
Cowered lonliness from within

Don't feel so empty, so ashamed,
In the two beating halves,
Your mind musing into the past.
Creeping twisted smiles around your lips,
Those hovering clouds will soon part,
New console, will mend your heart.

Visions of the harp suicides
Embracing the sweet curse in your head,
Deep and dark as they are, as they always were
Shut your eyes, take a breath,
And just put this in the back of your mind.
And learn to live another day.

And one day you will be able to say,
"Come stand with me, for you stand in my Rain."




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