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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Excerpt from a book Chapter 1

Excerpt from a book called "How to loose and win on the same day"

Chapter 1 - "Power of Blue"

A reaction of a sixteen year old may be stupid, but it’s pure. This is what I had to learn as I grew up.

The feelings and reactions people have when they are young are simple and pure. To put in more words they are free of any complexities and simulations. They are free to think and innovations are spontaneous. The things they speak are easy to understand and mean exactly what it literally means. A kid doesn’t know to fool people with words or camouflage hard sentences in presentable, sincere and polite flutters. If you hurt them they cry, if you tickle them they smile, if you play with them they play with you, if you hold them they hold you.

A grown up has to react in a matured manner. This maturity comes from lessons you learn from mistakes. These mistakes are mostly what you act out of spontaneous sense. Then you have to pay for your mistakes, sometimes heavily. Then you become aware from the next time that whenever such a thing happens you will remember this time and bring out some new type of reactions from within you. This is what I call simulation. Most people become very efficient in this and they are what we call matured.

They will always say things what they don’t mean but would fetch some more galore from the so called society. Every reaction is checked and controlled using more grey cells than they are expected to. If you hurt them they hurt you. If you tickle them they prick you. You try to play with them, they will reason out why. These are matured people and they are good.
I was not matured; in fact I was a newbie to the world. Having spent some 13 years in no self maturity program, I ought to be pure.


(That was an excerpt from something... I started long ago... and still not finished)



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