Me and My Muse

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sleep of Stake

Storm swirl, I visioned over thick starlit woods
A path led me from the aftermath to this brook.
The frightened passing fowls swallowed my view,
An eve squeezed between the light without a clue.

Should be an end like the beginning, I thought.
Between broken arrows of perfection abounds innocence.
When rain tasted like nothing but hate,
Thunder trembled ears like darts straight.
And lightning burnt eyes more than fire.
Was a destiny, a dream or a desire.

But I was safe; safe in my sleep; secure in my dream,
Just no good cause, among shouting wind, to scream.
Tasting reality would be bitter but better
Steps on hard cold stones below toes slender.
So I did not arouse to jerk off the clouds.
And jeopardized my heart 'neath the mid night shroud.




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