Me and My Muse

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Maiden Spirit

There she was;
She stood under the wintered tamarind tree;
Blinding white glare; Standing ever so still.
Her hair danced with the cool April breeze.
I dared not to disturb her innocence.
Hush, said the wind. So I waited and watched.

But she knew, I was there
A million knives pierced me; I was cold.
I was petrified; I stood numb,
Is this a dream? But I am daring in my dreams!
So I waited, I just waited.

I waited for the punishment I deserved,
And she whispered what she said.
"Do you know what I stand for?
Do you know why I'm here?"
I blinked and dazzled in astonishment.

"Your bittersweet longing is the same as my own"
"Longing for what?" I found my voice.
She smiled as she made my heart beat frantic
She sighed and looked towards the sky as she said,
"The Moon".




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