Me and My Muse

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Un-named One

As strands of smoke blotted in the sky;
I see time, time coming again;
Re-kindled spark of bitter sweet letters.
Theres ignorance that lives in me,
No. No I won't take that crap, you 're givin'

Looking ahead to the crowds full of dead.
Who look in my eyes. Sees sin, sees insanity.
If need be, breaking that stare.
I don't. Letting you bite the rest of me;

Forgive me, Doesn't seem to be a possibilty.
Bohemian staircase, fill my dream;
Of snow, of frozen lakes, tell the way to go.
Where sun does not rise; where minutes measure fear.
White hands wring blood at the face of the moon.
Where the sleep stops and realm stirs the sane.

Don't. Don't you mind. Do you now ?
Excuse me, my overdose. Thoughts of eyes closed.
A filthy life, spawned in hell.
A dragon fires at my silver door.
Don't. Don't you mind. Do you now ?

(A fresh one ... This remains un-named, and will continue to, until it can)



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