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Monday, February 26, 2007

Heaven's Door

I peeped behind the closed door
I heard from a hoarse voice
That I was dead long back
And about to make the last choice
The queue seemed long and crooked
Of men and beasts on grass
They waited for the finish line
With a humble and eager past
The richer men carried values
The stronger held a club
Mr.Clever carried his wits
Anxious to join the heaven hub
The toll-man came with jingles
And called name by name
Each got a golden ticket
For their gifts they did claim
How rowdy heaven would be
I thought but remained calm
And when I owed a ticket
I was whiped on the palm
With desires to flee, a motive to run
I was handed to the cruel son
I left on an empty train to hell
Taking pitch dark turns
It travelled for hours together
May be days or months or even years
And stopped at a dingy station
The last stop that I feared
Leaping came the son of devil
With a cruel grin he said "Your charges are cleared"
I was pushed off the train
Which moved in its way
What I saw, surprised me, here
It just looked like a sunlit day
I slowly got up to find
That this world looked the same as mine
The one where I lived when alive
The one where are slept and dined
Hell thats said is here at home
And you got to be something
Among strong, rich or clever
To be able to finish and not get back




Blogger Rejoy said...

its reality and it rhymes. yup

Monday, March 05, 2007 2:21:00 AM  

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