Me and My Muse

Friday, October 06, 2006


Blown up senses, the road is open,
Just break free until you are crushed again.
The days are over, the end was feared,
The crunchy path is almost cleared.

A sudden spark before the timid long silence,
Took all the strengths off the sky.
Just two steps to the grave.
First of which may be in heaven,
Petal laden footsteps lead to the thorns.

The wait was too long, for the dew.
Day will come, soon go away too.
With blues or whites aint foretold.
With new hopes for heart to be sold.

Tiny steps on the unseen path,
I took in hope, to see waiting drapes.
The lids are folden now, for now.
Autumn came and went, I knew,

Someone too far never feel the cool sweetness.
It just gonna get over, may be tomorrow.
Cries were so far to be seen.
Guess, this aint no new beginning.

(A tribute to Rand de Basanti... written just after I saw the film)



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