Me and My Muse

Monday, November 13, 2006

From Night to Light

Morning mist surrounded me.
Break of a brand new day, a hope.
Quintessential; I woke like a child
As sweet divinity blessed.
Making my muse translucent.
She was never perfected to sense.

In noble satire I smelled,
The flavor of her substance.
With humble honor I tried to seek,
The meaning, obscured in the dense.

As wintery November dew
Splash off; Unclothe, unravel my slumber.
I course myself in hunt for the soma.
Along dewy grass and a path of lumber.
Justly I looked all along, all my way. Alas!
Raddled I sat. Of the cold and dismay.

As tiresome desires dealt with sense
And press itself down in dark.
A faint apparition appeared
From the haze. To relight a spark.




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