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Friday, November 07, 2008

I Forget sometimes

I sit staring into no where
Focusing all my energy
Into concentrating on the TV
Or whatever is keeping me from thinking
Because sometimes I forget
That you're not here
Or I'm not there
That I can't lean to the side
And fall in your arms.

And sometimes I open my mouth to speak
Or criticize the stupid movie I'm watching
And it's not until the echo of my own voice
Is ringing in my ears
That I realize I'm talking to no one.

And sometimes when I hear your voice
I turn to give you a hug
But it's not your arms that I find
Only the nothingness
That reminds me
Your voice comes from the phone on my ear.

Sometimes I see your face
And it seems so close
I can almost feel the silk of your skin
Under my gentle hand
Then I see the smudge of a finger print
And find it's only a photograph in my hand.

Sometimes I cry
But you're not there to wipe away the tears
Only I don't realize it until I feel the salty trail stinging down my face.

And sometimes my sobs lull me to sleep
The next morning I wake holding you
But when I open my eyes to kiss you
And say good morning
I realize it's only a pillow in my arms
And it's damp with my tears.

Because sometimes I forget
That you're not here...
But I never forget the pain of that realization.




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