Me and My Muse

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ambiguity Redefined

I am doing what I do best ....
Random words bunched together ...

In the depth, the voice of silence
Hear, hear the sense of innocence
Among screams without moonlit haze
And dark violet fury prevails
Lost among constant grief in vogue
Even battered with a whip or sword
Groping in the dark cell of fortune
Fearless of gusts of catapults
Everyday, burning green grass gray
In my own insane star-struck way
Stormy intentions blowing me away
Desires in the fiery ball do stay
So, so I do not sob
To seek the artlessness again
Your hands are there beside me.
The warmest thing in my company
Dreams and destinies apart
They hold me and fuel the start




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