Me and My Muse

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Choose... Give... Take...

You chose to love me and give me some time
You chose to leave me in your own good time
You chose to run and hide just to get away
What I could choose was to just give up

You gave me reason to buy back my heart
You gave me hate to learn to save tears
You gave me a lesson never to dare
What I could give was your place to fly away

You took my strength with which I fought
You took my feelings which couldnt be bought
You took my dreams and gave it to Mr.X
What I could take was shame and fear


[another one from the same crampled paper... :D .... I cant even laugh at these now .. My boss once said .. If you can laugh at your past, then you know you have grown ... may be I have not grown .. may be I don't choose to...]



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