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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hung in Time

I don't understand the recent trend set by the HR of some very reputed interviewers.

A friend of mine recently visited one of the world's largest MNCs for an interview.

After a 33min + 47min telephonic discussion he was called in for a 'face to face' discussion. The entire event took 45min + 55min + 102min + 7min (plus the previous telephonic 33min + 47min). A total of 289min.
[consider min = minute]

After this entire day he was told that he will be informed in a week because they are talking with other prospective candidates and the processes would take some time, blah blah... It has been more than two weeks till date.

It is very difficult for me to note that if he was rejected why he couldn't be informed in plain words right there or at least after a week. These and some other practices followed by most HR of reputations, as it seems to me, are quite unprofessional. If someone was called and interviewed (leaving the fact that for so freaking long) then what's wrong in informing.

I don't know about the "Right to Information" but want to if this clause is inconsistent with that.



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