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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chemical Locha ? Well said :)

Last month I went to see the film in the earnest wishes of being comedified as was the last Munna Bhai fever ..

Good good good ... blah blah blah ...

Coming to the point ...

Quite astonishingly, i found no real importance of Munna Bhai. The basic objective of the film was marketing 'Gandhian Principles' in this so called mordern society. Somehow linking something to something made a movie...

This continued throughout the movie to nag me pretty too much ...

Slightly off the point... but going into a few examples from the movie ...

a) The guy who confesses his Dad about loosing all savings in a gamble was lucky, because his father did not have a heart/head issue

b) Getting a radio channel to an entire desposition for continuing all that is a bit too much stretched/far fetched .. [read as: happens in moon]

c) A girl who was to choose a life partner, does so just by a jesture of 'chh chh' in a restaurant?

I can go on and on about it, but whats the point?

Why is that that movie makers mostly think that audiences have lost or would loose their brains? ... This was the second time this year after KANK ..

As a movie .. HORRIBLE;
As the principles ... I wouldnt have followed them anyway

----- A Footer ------

Most people dont know about "The letters of Nathuram Godse" and most are forcefully devoid of it too... I would recommend people to read it...
To know about the other 'school of thought' ....

Here is a link too:



Blogger bharati said...

Hey Arnab, your views seconded.

Just last week as I was enjoying a long weekned, thanks to Gandhi Jayanti and Dusshera, I suddenly started pondering over the sheer aceptance of Gandhian values as virtues.

I had accepted it unquestioned, or rather never bothered to think over and question the Gandhian values. I had always despised Nathuram Godse for having assasinated Mr.Gandhi. All I managed to see is the murderer Nathuram as he was potrayed and more importantly what my granny had to say, having witnessed the Gandhian era.

I always thought what would someone get by killing someone as pious as Mr. Gandhi, who had, as largely believed, sought freedom(????) for our country through non-violence(?????)

Then, as i was wading through the internet for more information, I came across the all-probable other side of the story .

I share your views, you can find it on my blog with a post titled: "Gandhigiri??".

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 12:40:00 PM  
Blogger Arnab Pal said...

thanks ...

i am sure .. there are more similar thinkers ... teh darkness of this ignorancy is lifting slowly ... it becomes a respo to educate more people about it ..

gr8 article from u as well


Wednesday, October 11, 2006 12:55:00 PM  

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