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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

To My Angel

Its been so many days, I met you, first
I was all alone loitering in the dark,
knowing a reflection of your true self,
As you drifted in my world, perchance
Responsibly returning to the dreams and thoughts
The frozen zone remaining unknown to me,
Unknowing of the real me.
The earth of existence that never had been my own.

Had I known spells of the wizards
Would have cast them on you,
Making you into my immortal fairy,
So that you could never leave me,
And we could conquer all worlds, together, as one.
Even if only in dreams.
I would have given you my wings,
Releasing you to the lights in the darkness,
Of where you first emerged.

I would go back in time,
And throw that rose to a harsh wind,
To make you trust that I remain to you forever, forever.
I care no more for flying through endless stars,
As your tears have long drowned out all air from me
And your undying love holds its grasp tight,
Pinning me in a state of endless love,
Where I am able to bury myself.

May be I come back too late.
Too late to hold you tight within my arms and cried.
Till you would have finally called me into your world,
I would have taken you far away from everything,
But myself, away from all the pain, Even if you fear me.
I will know that what you say isn’t true,
Because it isn’t by your voice that I truly hear
It is by the sound of your heart.

I will not fade away, I will continue to exist,
As your pure heart would have wanted me too.
I will destroy all that continues to stir and wake your soul,
From what peace sleep may give you,

For ever and ever


dedicated to Suvs :)



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