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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

more on my muse...

I am sorry, but these lines are written in sharp words to shine out my naked bloody feelings(In the order in which they came to enlighten/darkenen my muse)

PA: A very good girl but a better actress. Happens to be my first love who gave rise to my first lines on paper by a simple intended gesture of good-bye in words and practice. She did not even repent (or should I say, I could not make her do so) for selling the dreams, she stole from me, to someone else. It was definitely unnecessary to furnish any reason, whatsoever, to me (I had to unearth them myself). For her it was as simple as rejecting phone calls and later changing a mobile number.

ST: A so-called human excelling in qualities of simulation, diplomacy and a dogmatic religious freak. When I was going through my first heart-break he did everything he could to make me feel that extra cut. I later uncovered that this elegant heartless rascal (strongly supported by BK and DB) powered (or should I call "fueled") my break off.

Backbenchers: A group of highly talented musicians among whom I feel like a little croocked worm. I first learnt how to culminate thoughts on paper just by staying with them. Great motivators; inspite of my ambiguous random lines and musically incorrect chords.

SM: Sopno bhanga prithibi te, sopno hoye ele tumi. Sopno dekha, sopno aaka, bodle dile tumi.


footnote: This post is seriously under constant revision



Blogger Rejoy said...

its kind of sad. But the story looks kind of incomplete. I guess it reads better that way ;-)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006 2:32:00 PM  

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